Vancouver, Canada, February 17, 2021mimik technology, Inc (“mimik”), a pioneering hybrid edge cloud company, today announces that Cathie Wood, founder, CEO, and CIO of ARK investment management LLC (“ARK”), a new york-based investment adviser focused on thematic investing in disruptive innovation, will join its board of directors.

mimik has pioneered the hybrid edge cloud computing to enable any computing device to act as a cloud server to help application developers unlock the next generation of applications. we are amid a transition from mobile internet to the hyper connected world, where digital, aided by disruptive technologies and business models, will intersect with every aspect of the physical world. The impact of a hyper connected world is anticipated to be orders of magnitude larger than the mobile Internet, solving real world problems and potentially transforming all industries.

“we are thrilled to welcome Cathie Wood to mimik’s board of directors,” said Fay Arjomandi, founder and CEO of mimik. “as the founder, CEO, and CIO of ARK, Cathie has successfully incorporated a new data-driven approach to investment that is aligned with a rapidly changing business and technology landscape posed for a historical transformation. I’m excited to work with a forward-thinking visionary and pragmatic industry leader. Cathie and I share a similar vision about the future of the digital world and how mimik can be foundational to enable digital transformation in a systematic way. Cathie is the partner that I always wished to have given her thought process and approach to predicting market trends based on data, and her depth of knowledge in the financial sector and investment.”

“I’ve always believed in backing founders who are at the forefront of innovation,” stated Cathie Wood, Founder, CEO, and CIO of ARK. “At mimik, Fay and her team have built a foundation for the next generation of cloud computing. By extending server-side technologies to the edge, mimik lets developers build applications that run seamlessly from the edge to data center with unmatched privacy and performance.”

“I and other Board members of mimik are excited to work closely with Cathie,” said Siavash Alamouti, Executive Chairman of the Board of mimik. “Her impressive experience and track record of success in observing and analyzing macro-economic trends and how disruptive technologies and business models will likely impact the future of markets is invaluable to mimik. She will help us grow our business and pursue our mission to continue to help companies with their digital transformation using mimik’s hybrid edge cloud development and services platform. She complements the skills of our team and the board who include legendary technology leaders Allen Salmasi, a pioneer in mobile technology behind many successful companies including Qualcomm, and Ori Sasson Managing Director of Primera Capital and a pioneering investor and technology visionary behind the success of companies like VMware.”


About mimik

mimik provides a hybrid edge cloud computing application development platform and business enablers for digital transformation. Developers and enterprises can achieve their business objectives without compromising time to market, cost, scalability, interoperability, data privacy and security, and being locked in proprietary technology stacks. mimik enables hybrid edge native application development that works across ecosystems of devices (iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, QNX, Raspbian, OpenWRT and smart IoT freeRTOS sensors), networks, and any private and/or public cloud. The mimik platform is the fastest and most direct way of connecting siloed and fragmented applications from the edge with minimal reliance on middlemen. We can help enterprises save millions of dollars in legacy backend integration while reducing their ongoing operational costs through an edge-in approach. mimik enables systematic digital transformation for a sustainable digital economy to help enterprises secure business leadership in the hyper-connected world.

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About ARK Investment Management LLC

Headquartered in New York City, ARK Investment Management LLC is a federally registered investment adviser and privately held investment firm with $58.2 billion assets under management as of December 31, 2020. Specializing in thematic investing in disruptive innovation, the firm is rooted in over 40 years of experience in identifying and investing in innovations that should change the way the world works. Through its open research process, ARK identifies companies that it believes are leading and benefiting from cross-sector innovations such as robotics, energy storage, DNA sequencing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology. ARK’s investment strategies include: Autonomous Technology and Robotics, Next Generation Internet, Genomic Revolution, Fintech Innovations, 3D Printing, Israel Innovative Technology, and the overall ARK Disruptive Innovation Strategy. For more information about ARK, its offerings, and original research, please visit

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