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Unleash Edge AI with mimik Hybrid Edge Cloud (HEC)

Edge AI empowers devices with AI capabilities, enabling real-time processing without relying on the cloud. mimik simplifies AI integration, managing models, enabling efficient processing, facilitating AI communication, and optimizing performance. Companies leveraging mimik gain a competitive edge, transforming operations and enhancing user experiences through Edge AI.

Local Execution

Discover unparalleled speed with AI models running directly on your devices, with a API first microservice architecture approach. Real-time processing, real-time results, and updates – all while minimizing cloud dependency.

AI to AI Communication

Imagine a world where AI models speak to other AI models. Nodes communicate, decisions are made locally, and efficiency is realized in discovering and understanding each other’s capabilities and the languages they speak.

AI-adapted Choreography

Watch as AI models dance in harmony, each performing their role within a decentralized ballet of technology. Yet, they are able to collaborate seamlessly when needed, weaving together complex tasks and workflows that unfold with precision across the network. Envision smart cities, intelligent infrastructure, and smart mobility devices interacting naturally when necessary.


Enable AI models to grasp the context and be empowered by a sophisticated data strategy to provide a unique personalization experience. This integrated approach transforms data collection at the API gateway, right on the device, ensuring tailored response to workflow, user preferences and environmental cues. Context-rich data gathered at the source and infuse AI models with deeper insights, deliver a significant advantage to adaptive learning and evolution. Keep your AI models informed and ahead of the curve with the right data at the source—Elevating your Data Strategy!



Edge AI confronts a unique set of challenges, primarily revolving around the efficient utilization of data, real-time processing capabilities, and the intercommunication of AI models across a decentralized network. Traditional cloud-dependent models often struggle with latency issues, limited contextual understanding, and a lack of dynamic inter-AI communication, hindering their ability to provide personalized, real-time responses and smart autonomous decision-making. Additionally, the centralized nature of these models can lead to bottlenecks and inefficiencies, particularly in environments where rapid, localized decision-making is crucial. These challenges necessitate an innovative approach that emphasizes local data processing, context-aware AI models, and a seamless choreography of AI interactions, ensuring that edge AI systems can operate with maximum efficiency, adaptability, and precision in diverse environments such as smart cities and intelligent infrastructure.


mimik provides unmatched agility through Local Execution approach, where AI models operate directly on your devices using an API-first microservice architecture. This ensures real-time processing and updates while reducing reliance on the cloud. Elevate your strategy further with Contextualization, empowering AI models to understand context and personalize experiences based on user preferences and environmental cues. By integrating data collection at the source, our approach enables tailored responses, adaptive learning, and deeper insights. Moreover, mimik's AI-to-AI Communication and choreographed interactions among models bring forth a visionary landscape where technology seamlessly collaborates, enabling intelligent infrastructures and smart devices to interact organically, propelling us towards a more efficient future.

Scale beyond limit

Local Execution

  • AI Model Deployment to devices
  • Selective Data Transmission
  • Simplified Updates and Integration with workflow


  • Discover other models (where / who / why)
  • Hyper-personalization
  • Enhance models

AI-to-AI Communication

  • Discover models

  • Interact amongst models

  • Less dependency

AI Adapted Choreography

  • Dynamic collaboration of AI models

  • Improve resource utilization

  • Simplify cross domain interactions and decision making

Transforming edge AI with mimik edgeEngine

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