Develop applications faster and with lower cost of cloud as an application-level engine, adds server capability to any app or smart device
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What is edgeEngine?

The edgeEngine enables any smart device to act as a cloud server with an API Gateway and runtime environment to host microservices. It is available for almost all smart devices: smart phones, PCs and tablets, IoT and embedded devices, PCBs, microcontrollers, etc.
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Why mimik edgeEngine?

By running the edgeEngine on any edge device, a serverless environment will be available on top of the operating system, and the platform will be ready to run a microservice on top of this serverless environment, following almost the same fashion that developers use serverless cloud environment


  • Convert fix function end nodes to configurable, connected and software defined processing elements
  • Offer new data driven services and business model through software
  • Upgrade User experience
  • Monetization, Personalization,
  • Brand recognition and differentiation
  • Development Simplification- Accelerate development, simplify architecture and manufacturing
edgeengine standard

edgeEngine Standard Edition

After the serverless environment get’s up and running, edge-microservices can be deployed on top of it using APIs provided by the mimik container management layer (for more information, please read Understanding the edgeEngine Context Object).

API gateway -natively available on the edgeEngine- will work the same as a typical API gateway being used in the cloud, facilitating communication between processes through RESTful APIs.

Once one (or more) edge microservices are deployed on one (or more) smart devices, those microservices can create instances of ad-hoc service mesh through dynamic discovery and connection capabilities provided by the mimik hybrid edgeCloud platform.

edgeengine mian child

edgeEngine Main-Child Edition

The edgeEngine Main-Child edition is specially developed for Heterogeneous Compute Platforms (HCP) such as TI-TDA4VMTI-DRA829V, or TI-DRA821UAlong with other unique capabilities, the edgeEngine Main-Child edition provides a unique ability to dynamically execute microservices on  R5F microcontrollers (MCUs).

edgeEngine controller

edgeEngine Controller/Worker

edgeEngine-Controller/Worker stands as a powerful solution for enabling advanced capabilities for running microservices in operating systems. edgeEngine-Controller/Worker revolutionizes efficiency, resource allocation, and process choreography across various scenarios by leveraging its advanced features and functionalities.

Dynamic Spawning of Worker Processes

edgeEngine-Pro provides a flexible solution for dynamically spawning “worker process”. This dynamic process spawning capability enables seamless update and deployment of different types of applications (1) on Linux, QNX, macOS . By embracing this versatility, edgeEngine-Pro enhances system management, adaptability, and responsiveness, catering to a wide range of process requirements and scenarios. (edgeEngine- Controller/Worker ONLY)

Efficient fault isolation mechanisms

Ensures continuous operation through efficient fault isolation mechanisms. In a process crash, edgeEngine-Pro swiftly spawns a new instance, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted real-time operation.

Mixed Criticality Management

edgeEngine-Pro enables native handling of mixed-criticality tasks, providing granular control over resource allocation and priority management. This ensures critical tasksto receive the necessary resources and priority, while non-critical tasks operate efficiently without compromising critical operations. (edgeEngine-Controller/Worker ONLY)

Advanced Traffic Management and Performance Optimization

Offers advanced traffic management capabilities, allowing for optimized network utilization, added security measures (e.g. preventing DoS attack), and tailored traffic control for each real-time process. This ensures smooth and secure data flow, minimizing congestion, interference, and unauthorized access.

Optimized Resource Allocation

Enables the OS scheduler to assign the CPU resource to the worker process and offers a mechanism (mCM API) that can dynamically adjust the allocation of resources, ensuring that critical tasks have the necessary resources while maximizing utilization and minimizing contention. (edgeEngine-Controller/Worker ONLY)

Seamless Integration and Complementarity

edgeEngine-Pro seamlessly integrates with existing microkernel operating systems, such as QNX, enhancing their capabilities without replacing them. It complements the core functionalities of microkernel operating systems, offering specialized features for real-time scenarios.

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