By tapping mimik’s hybrid edge cloud platform, Business & Decision will harness the full potential of enabling technologies such as 5G to advance the widespread use of AI and IoT across industries

Oakland, CA and Paris, France, May 11, 2022: mimik Technology Inc., a pioneer in hybrid edge cloud technology, and Business & Decision, a leading consultancy and system integrator and part of the Orange Group specializing in data intelligence and digital experiences, have partnered to advance the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Business & Decision will incorporate mimik’s technology to deliver solutions that will reduce latency and lower bandwidth consumption while improving data security for global clients in industries such as retail, transportation, finance, and the public sector. These architectural improvements enable mimik and Business & Decision to harness the full potential of the 5G network speeds required to accelerate digital transformation.

“Although 5G promises low latency, the reality is that application speed and performance are highly dependent on the underlying architecture,” says Carlo Schots, Sales Director, Business & Decision. “As a result, any advantages we’ve seen in network speed disappear on the backend—until now. The mimik platform enables us to bypass traditional, centralized cloud solutions and process development workloads in a high-performance edge environment that enables real-time connectivity at 5G speeds. We are excited to partner with mimik to bring these important capabilities to our enterprise clients, enabling their low-risk and seamless digital transformation journeys in a highly secure data environment.”

mimik is reimagining the cloud, enabling any smart device—whether it’s a smartphone, smart IoT device, or AI-based sensor—to act as a cloud server. By leveraging mimik’s technology, Business & Decision clients will benefit from lower total cost of ownership because most workloads are offloaded to these devices and processed at the edge versus in the cloud. This in turn reduces their overall data center footprint and associated costs, and cuts carbon emissions. Clients also maintain full control of their data, ensuring their customers’ privacy while strengthening data governance in a hyper-connected world.

“Business & Decision has the proven expertise and experience in systems integration and data-driven technologies that further innovation and accelerate digital transformation,” says Sam Armani, SVP Business Development, mimik Technology. “We look forward to our partnership to help Business & Decision’s customers accelerate their digital transformation and attain unprecedented efficiencies and performance improvements enabled by mimik’s hybrid edge cloud platform and edge-based microservices.”

About mimik

mimik is reimagining the cloud. The mimik platform transforms powerful edge devices into cloud servers and enables an exciting new generation of apps that save network bandwidth, reduce latency, better protect data privacy, are more interoperable, and offer dramatically improved economics. The mimik solution ensures interoperability across computing environments and industries, and links the digital and physical worlds, making it the perfect platform for web3. With its leading-edge technology, mimik is creating a secure, equitable and sustainable internet for all.

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About Business & Decision

Business & Decision is an international Consulting and Systems Integration company, a leader in Business Intelligence (BI) and CRM, and a major player in e-Business. We leverage a unique combination of technical, functional and industry specialization, as well as partnerships with all of the key software vendors, to deliver maximum-value projects and help clients break through barriers to innovation such as Big Data and digital transformation. Business & Decision operates in 11 countries and employs over 2,400 employees in France and worldwide. Business & Decision is a subsidiary of Orange Group.

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